And local lamb has not been easy to get.  A new market has recently opened however, featuring a wide variety of local meats.  Hanai, in Kapa’a is thankfully providing the community with Hawaii raised cuts of lamb, beef, venison, and pork.  This lamb, Sanchez lamb, is tender, flavorful and delicate.


 Seasoned overnight with fresh herbs from my garden:  mint, anise, za’atar.


 Grilled it and served with gingered carrot puree, fried okra and grilled kale with minted yogurt.


If you live on Kauai or are just visiting, check out Hanai.  They have a great selection of  high quality local meats, fruits, veggies, house made sauces, marinades, and jams.  And contact me and I will cook you up some lamb.

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